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Expolanka Spreads Awareness on Global Warming

“Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before – but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to.” – Joe Lieberman Expolanka has been a pioneer in initiating campaigns aimed at preserving the environment. A few months ago, the company joined the Hiniduma Project to protect the country’s rainforests in the [...]

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Expolanka’s Sustainability Initiatives lauded at ACCA awards

“Sustainability is when what is good for a company is also good for the planet. It means creating more wealth than we destroy. Sustainable firms are those doing the best job at creating net wealth–economic, social, and ecological–as compared to their peers”.  – Toby Heaps (Corporate Knights) Expolanka Holdings is built on relationships – relationships [...]

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Expolanka joins Hiniduma Project to protect country’s rainforests

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another” – Mahatma Gandhi Tropical rainforests are the most diverse ecosystems on earth. A four-square km patch of rainforest can contain as many as 3085 different species of animals, plants [...]

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Thinking Beyond Sustainability

Whether it’s our success in implementing a broad range of green policies and activities or our ongoing commitment to community development, we take great pride in the CSR activities of Expolanka. As stated by our Sustainability Vision – Expolanka will be a leader in enhancing the long term sustain ability of the communities it serves; [...]

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Bio Extracts – innovation based on tradition

    A member of the Expolanka group of companies, Bio Extracts (Pvt) Ltd is the manufacturer of the Baraka range range of herbal products, which are based around the black seed (scientific name – Nigella Sativa) also known as black cumin or black caraway.       An annual flowering plant, the fruit from [...]

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Leading Asia’s carbon neutral freight & logistics companies

    As an organisation with a commitment to both the environment and to innovation, we are extremely proud of Expolanka Freight Ltd recently becoming Sri Lanka’s first-ever, and one of the first Asian, CarbonNeutral® Freight & Logistics Company. Fact Box: What does Carbon Neutral mean? Used in the context of carbon dioxide releasing processes, associated with [...]

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Rural craftsmen & the environment benefit from Expolanka

  Back to Earth was launched with the aim of developing Sri Lanka’s local cottage handicraft industry by building partnerships with the many smalltime craftsmen working from different parts of rural Sri Lanka It is part of the wider core value of “stakeholder responsibility” practiced by us. At Expolanka, we are always looking for ways [...]

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Neptune Recyclers: A Visionary Organisation for a Greener Sri Lanka

  Hailed as a visionary organisation by Dr. Ajantha Perera (Founder, National Program on Recycling of Solid Waste)… Expolanka’s Neptune Papers unveiled a new identity as Neptune Recyclers. The Chief Guest at the launch on 10 OCT 2011, Dr. Perera stated: The real love you show people is by helping them live longer. Recycling protects the environment [...]