About Our Blog

This is the official blog of Expolanka. Our goal is to communicate with all our stakeholders and to give them an insight into what drives our company as we continue on our journey of “Building a great business with a dare to do spirit”.

Expolanka’s beginning dates back to the late 1970’s where the group established its first business operation in the Export of Fresh Produce. From a corner store in the busy markets of Sri Lanka Expolanka has travelled the globe and enjoys a Global presence unmatched by any other Sri Lankan Corporate Entity.

The Group boasts of many achievements in a short time span of 33 Years, it has succeeded in every Industry it is involved in, it is trusted by all its business partners, envied by all its peers & competitors, driven by its values, & sustained by its people.

Success at Expolanka has been fuelled by a desire to perform, with a dare to do spirit which is a trait that is clearly visible in all its endeavors which has transcended to all of its business entities throughout the globe.