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Norfolk Foods Celebrates 20 Years

“Don’t give up on your dreams. Work towards the end, and you’ll win.”

Mohamed Ziauddin, the Founder of Norfolk Foods, imparts his learnings as the company he launched in the year 1994 is now celebrating 20 years of operation. A subsidiary of Expolanka Holdings, Norfolk Foods is a pioneer in the specialized frozen foods industry in Sri Lanka.

DSC_9293Having trained and worked as a food specialist in the UK, Mohamed Ziauddin returned to Sri Lanka in the early 1990s with the objective of creating a business that offers quality foods complete with health attributes. Thus, Norfolk Foods was launched with its own factory and the operations were steadily expanded throughout the years. This family run business was acquired by Expolanka Holdings at the end of 2011.

The product range of Norfolk Foods comprises of smoked meats, Italian dishes, savoury items, cold meats and breaded food, as well as sausages, meatballs, and kebabs. All these food items are prepared within the Halaal regulations, and are produced at the company’s very own plant which has the HACCP and ISO 22000 approval for food safety. The products are free of artificial preservatives, artificial colouring or flavours and MSG.

Ameena Mohamed, the Development Manager of Norfolk Foods, reflected on the company’s journey thus far.

“From a humble beginning, Norfolk Foods has grown into a company with a staff of 200 members. We maintain a family mentality in all our operations, and that helps us in coordinating functions better. The reason for our survival of 20 years is the quality of our products. Our focus is on the customers, and based on their feedback we strive to present some quality food items that no other company offers.”

The food manufacturing facility of Norfolk Foods is equipped with state of the art, modern technology including blast freezing, cold rooms, and an integrated production process. The quick freezing technology in place at this plant could not be found at any other food manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka.

Norfolk Foods holds the market leadership in the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Establishments) sector in Sri Lanka, offering their products to various star class hotels and resorts as well as international food franchises and bakeries around the country. Since Norfolk offers food to leading food franchises within the island, the need for importation of meat and other food products has seen a decline. Norfolk sourcing the ingredients for their food items from local farmers has benefitted the latter immensely in increasing the reach of their produce.

The 20th anniversary celebrations saw a special event held at Norfolk’s factory plant, with the attendance of Hanif Yusoof; the CEO of Expolanka, Board of Directors, and other dignitaries. Ameena Mohamed summarized the events of that joyous day.
“Norfolk Foods looked back on its success and shared the joy with all the participants of the ceremony. It was nice to get together and celebrate a remarkable milestone of this nature. A significant segment of the event saw the felicitation of five employees who had been with the company since its inception.”

To mark the anniversary as well as the Christmas season, Norfolk Foods presents a couple of special Christmas hampers, inclusive of a number of Crescent products and food items. In addition, discounts are in effect for Mini Kievs, Chicken Sausages, Chicken Fingers and Kochchi Bites, exclusively for this season.

The Christmas range products as well as the standard food items of Norfolk Foods could be purchased at leading supermarket outlets, as well as at ‘Crescent Fine Foods’, located at Sellamuttu Avenue adjoining Marine Drive in Kollupitiya.

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