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Expolanka Microsoft Based Leisure Application

As a company that embraces innovation and change, Expolanka Holdings has always been in the forefront of adapting to the latest IT technologies in order to serve customers better. In-line with the ever changing business landscape, our IT division has been developing and designing cutting edge solutions that allow our group companies offer the highest quality service levels. Amongst the beneficiaries of this has been Expo Rail with an online ticket reservation system and Norfolk Foods, who had an Enterprise Resource Planning application developed for them.

The company’s attention has now moved to cloud computing, where a large collection of computers and servers are networked to enable centralized data storage and online accessibility. Expolanka has become the first Sri Lankan conglomerate to host a travel & leisure based application on Microsoft’s premier cloud platform, Azure. This application enables the company to respond to customer queries faster and thereby increase partner loyalty and booking volumes.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that allows users to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of datacentres. The service has enabled Expolanka to have access to business related information without the need of any additional hardware. This global system of computer networks offers data management, communication, media, business analytics and cloud storage facilities to the partner enterprises.

Asitha Kaggoda, Head of Group IT at Expolanka, spoke of the benefits this leisure application offers.

“Our globally–situated agents require centralized operations, and to be able to respond to inquiries quickly from across our DMC network. Delays and downtime result in lost business. Agents will simply not log in to the application to make inquiries again. This Azure-based application is our edge. Azure ensures speed and business continuity, which are key to staying ahead of our competition. It also adopts cutting-edge security measures, while allowing for simplified IT management. Lastly, Azure’s pay-as-you-go model makes business sense. We don’t have to make heavy investments for future needs. We can scale up IT resources in-line with the business.”

Expolanka partnered with H One, a cloud deployment and technology solutions company, in setting up, testing, and implementing the Azure application. The company is a certified Microsoft Tier One Partner, operating in several South and East Asian countries including Sri Lanka.

The CEO of H One, Sampath Fernando, pointed out the importance of Cloud computing and the effect it could have on businesses.

“H One is thrilled to be Expolanka’s preferred cloud partner and IT advisor, and we look forward to realizing more technology firsts with the Group. We believe cloud is the future, and have built our name on our strong, regionally -recognized cloud practice with investments in testing beds, extensive R & D on Azure workloads, and a highly skilled “Cloud Team” of engineers for our enterprise customers. We have enabled many of the nation’s leading enterprises – over 19,000 users – with cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. With Azure we can give organizations even greater flexibility and capacity with anywhere access to their business-critical applications.”

This travel and leisure application will be released to Akquasun Holidays, Expolanka’s Mumbai-based global Destination Management Company. Akquasun’s network currently spreads across four continents, and it aims to expand its reach to more travel agents, tour operators, and event specialists by extending the application access.


Ajantha Warusawithana, the Senior Project Manager at Expolanka Holdings, highlighted the benefits this cloud based application would offer to consumers. “This application is basically a single system based in a global platform where our Destination Management Companies and agency companies can have access to information. The system allows for process automation, web based access, and reporting facilities, thus leading to reduced transaction time and more efficient service for the clients.”

Asitha Kaggoda also spoke of how Expolanka is looking to use this modern technology for its group of companies, including Classic Travels, in the future.

“We are proud to be a cloud pioneer. And as part of our cloud roadmap, we will soon host our award-winning travel agency, Classic Travels’ next generation e-commerce application suite on Azure to enable customers to interact with us more efficiently and conveniently.”

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