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The DARE TO DO Spirit


From the outset, we were fired with the spirit, ‘Dare to Do,’ which has pervaded our enterprise over time and persists to this day. The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep at Expolanka. - Osman Kassim, Chairman, Expolanka Holdings PLC

As stated by our Chairman in our Annual Report 2011, entrepreneurship is core to the business philosophy that drives Expolanka Holdings PLC.
It is this that has seen us evolve into a company that is involved in a number of industries in different businesses sectors: exports, imports and trading, freight forwarding and logistics, manufacturing, airline representation and operation, travels and tours and BPO. We are now a company that now has forty-nine companies in eleven countries and that is present in thirty-eight cities.

To push responsibility down in your organization, and to force good ideas to bubble up within it, you must listen to what your staff is trying to tell you. The folks on the front-lines, the ones who actually talk to the customer are the only ones who really know what’s going on out there and we swear by empowering, not overpowering,

We believe that when we go to a public domain we will be able to attract more talent and professionals to work for us. We need entrepreneurship and professionalism, which can help us make the correct blend.” – Hanif Yusoof, Group CEO of Expolanka Holdings

Indeed, we remain so committed to the idea of entrepreneurship, that we are making a concentrated effort to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs. Recently, the Expolanka Group launched the Expolanka-APIIT Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme at the APIIT Law School. Under this programme, a series of workshops will be conducted by various experts from industry on subjects related to start-ups and idea generation. Eventually, the participant will have the opportunity to develop and present a business proposal to a panel consisting of Expolanka’s senior management. This panel will judge the proposal on how innovative it is and its commercial value of the initiative.

Speaking on the initiative, Expolanka Head of Business Development Abdullah Kassim said:

Clear vision, risk taking ability, and a willingness to jump into the unknown is, in essence, entrepreneurialism. As a group rooted in this spirit, this project is very close to our hearts.

We would love to have your comments and ideas on entrepreneurship. Please feel to comment on this post and let us know what you think.

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