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Expolanka Toastmasters Receive Golden Gavel Plus Award

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer.

Expolanka believes that personal growth is an essential factor in an individual succeeding in his career. Along with the sporting activities, social movements and CSR campaigns that employees participate in, Expolanka also offers opportunities to improve their communication and leadership skills, in the form of the Toastmasters club. Having won the ‘President’s Distinguished Club’ status, the club has now achieved another remarkable feat.


The Toastmasters club of Expolanka has received the Golden Gavel Plus Award at the recently held annual Toastmasters Ovation in Goa, India. The award – the highest achievement a Toastmaster club could earn – is presented to a club that has completed 22 specific goals set by the Toastmasters District 82 in committing to effective communication and leadership practices.

Expolanka is one of the only 16 Toastmasters clubs in Sri Lanka to achieve the prestigious Golden Gavel Plus award. The team, headed by Scerena Jansen, was presented with this decoration at the gala award ceremony with members of many Toastmaster clubs from around the world in attendance.

As the President of the club, Scerena was overjoyed about the accomplishment, which was achieved after much hard work and challenges.

“For all of us at Expolanka Toastmasters, this is a dream come true. A dream that we all dreamt together and worked hard to realize amidst myriad difficulties. It has been a challenging journey but Expolanka Toastmasters worked as a forceful, single unit to reach our target destination.”


Sajeeth Ilyas, another prominent member of the club, feels honoured to be a part of such a talented and committed group of orators.

“It was a team effort that won us the award and it feels great to be a member of Expolanka Toastmasters club. This June marks the ending of the second year for the club, and what we have been able to achieve in such a short period of time gives a sense of incredible joy.”

Speaking further, Sajeeth spoke about how the Toastmasters club has set the bar for the other employees at Expolanka.

“Everyone at Expolanka is now motivated to push beyond limits in whatever they do. We are glad the Toastmasters club has been able to inspire colleagues to aim for higher goals, in whatever aspect of their lives.”

The thirty-member strong Expolanka Toastmasters club reconvenes in July, to begin another year of working towards effective communication and leadership. The club aspires to remain as one of the leading Toastmaster groups in the island, whilst also aiming for more goals and awards during the upcoming months.

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