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Aligning IT strategy to enhance corporate success

The pace and scale of technological progress is set to play a greater role than ever before in shaping the world we inhabit over the coming years. Technology is cited as one of six key ‘game-changers’ over the next two decades in theinfluential Global Trends report by the US National Intelligence Council. The scale of corporate IT infrastructure has increased dramatically over the past decade. At many companies, it has moved from basements with a few dozen servers to sophisticated data centers with thousands of servers. Even business solutions has become more dependent on, and driven by, IT solutions which derive a competitive advantage in the market. As a result, alignment between IT and business is more critical today than any moment in history.

One of the main objectives of Expolanka Group IT in the past decade has been designing and developing IT solutions to adapt to an ever changing business landscape. We have been researching IT based solutions to meet greater volume and fast track business processes.  Some of Expolanka Group IT’s recent notable successes include the Expo Rail Online Booking Engine, the Transport Management System (TMS), Norfolk Manufacturing System and many more enterprise business applications.


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Notable software applications developed by Expolanka IT

  • The Transport Management System is an Enterprise Web Based Application that manages transport operation. This system was first introduced to Brandix operations and is presently used by 42 companies. Nearly 500 GPS enabled vehicles are tracked with real time visibility, where the system hits more than 5 million GPS data per day. Monthly it carries out 7000 tasks for over 900 business & operational users.


  • The Expo Rail online ticket reservation system is a step-by-step guided, user-friendly booking engine. It provides functionalities for the cabin crew (printing boarding pass, manifest) and rail station counter operations (issuing tickets).


  •  Mobile Apps: A beta version application for different business perspectives, namely cargo tracking, expo rail and transport management was developed by Expolanka and is fully integrated with an in-house built respective business applications.


  • A middleware app specifically developed to serve Reima Finland, the Nordic region’s leading manufacturer of children’s clothes. The app connects the company’s warehouse management system as well as with client’s ERP system enabling transactional level visibility. With extending this middleware concept to the next level, IT is now moving into developing web portal based solutions where customers can engage & collaborate online with business and operational level communications more effectively. The ongoing WMS portal is a good example, where it is capable of integrating to any kind of WMS solution as well as an ERP system to exchange operational data and to provide online collaboration to clients on warehouse operations.


  • Manufacturing applications developed for Norfolk is an Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP) scale business application, where the entire Norfolk manufacturing process operates on this platform. This is also a web based application and at present this application will be expanding to a new dimension to incorporate Norfolk Product Research and Development as well.


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Additionally, Expolanka has been focusing on developing mobile technology based solutions. A team of talented Android and Windows developers have already commenced work on exploring technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) to meet the industry demands. They are also researching on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), the wireless non-contact use of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.

Expolanka Group IT consists of 26 versatile, passionate and energetic young IT professionals, all of whom are graduates and professionally qualified personnel in their respective spheres. This core team supports 35+ business entities across the group. The team comprises experts in areas such as systems engineering, software engineering, support services (help desk), database administration, project management, IT Security and IT governance.   Dwight D. Eisenhower once said that it is not only necessary to do the right thing, but to also do it in the right way.  This is the mission of Expolanka Group IT; it aspires to be an information technology service enabler and a strategic partner for the Company’s corporate vision by delivering state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and a business-aligned service portfolio.

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