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Everest Expedition 2014

 “I was scared many times on Everest, but this is all part of the challenge.” – Edmund Hillary.

DSCF5709The ‘Dare to Do’ spirit that is synonymous with Expolanka is not just a tagline – it is a literal expression of our attitude to life. As such, this expresses itself not just in our successes as a business but also outside the corporate sphere. In the past we’ve been part of tremendous sporting achievements.


This same sense of daring and adventure has found a kindred spirit in Elmo Francis, who first set off to explore the Himalayas in 2001. He has several significant records and achievements to his name. He was the first Sri Lankan to reach the Mount Mera Peak in Nepal Himalayas back in 2006. He was also one of the first Sri Lankans to reach the Arctic Circle and conduct research in the Polar regions.

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With this mind and in keeping with the Expolanka sense of adventure, Expo Freight Limited has stepped forward to support Sri Lanka’s first expedition to reach 7500 metres on the south side of Mount Everest. Elmo plans to reach the South Col on Mount Everest to become the first Sri Lankan to complete this altitude mark. Physical and weather conditions permitting, he aims to push further to reach the 8000 metre mark during the climb.

Elmo is aware of the physical and mental demands that a journey of this magnitude could present.


“We’re looking at one of the most challenging experiences on earth. The climb may take around 35 days, and we have to go through poor weather conditions, low temperature levels; mostly minus zero Celsius, low Oxygen levels and other physical challenges.”


“These days I’m focusing on physical training and mental conditioning in preparation for the expedition. You need to be fully prepared to face the challenges along the way, not only when climbing, but also when coming back down.”


Expolanka Holdings’ Group CEO/ Group Director, Mr Hanif Yusoof, added his thoughts about sponsoring the expedition.

“Elmo’s uncompromising search for excellence, commitment and the brave spirit aligns with our culture of ‘Dare to Do spirit’. We believe in the great potential of Sri Lankans, we are always ready to encourage the dare to do spirit of our country men and women. Therefore, we are proud to sponsor Elmo’s expedition to the South Col on Mount Everest. We wish him well for the challenging journey.”


Elmo expresses his gratitude to Expolanka for the support given for his expedition.

“I am grateful to EFL for their heartfelt support. I am excited and looking forward for a successful expedition and hoping for good climate and physical conditions.”



Elmo Francis sets off on this mission on the 19th of May. You are invited to listen to his daily adventures and view images of the journey by visiting the expedition’s Facebook page. We at Expolanka wish Elmo all the very best.

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