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Expolanka and Norfolk Foods: Innovation and Excellence


 [Norfolk Foods] product range is perceived to be distinctive and is driven by its culture of innovation and excellence. The Company has developed and marketed an assortment of further processed foods….Coupled with a strong distribution network, a unique brand proposition is expected to augment the Company’s proficiency at new product launches

Our recent acquisition of a controlling stake in Norfolk Foods Pvt Ltd. firmly fits in with our tradition of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the ‘Dare to Do’ spirit.
Norfolk was founded in 1992 by Mr. Mohamed Ziauddin, a British trained food specialist who gained his expertise working for Bernard Matthews based in Norfolk, UK before coming to Sri Lanka to start the business. Operations were steadily expanded throughout the years and output capacity enhanced by increasing the size of the factory in 2010. Amongst its recent developments, Norfolk Foods recently completed a modernisation programme that included new blast freezers, cold rooms and expanded floor area of 32,000 square feet. This gives Norfolk Food an integrated production process, which is a model production facility in Sri Lanka with an uninterrupted process flow. Norfolk also boasts of being the first to install a spiral air blast freezing facility in Sri Lanka.

Adding to the synergy between Expolanka and Norfolk, as our CEO Hanif Yusoof stated, the acquisition strengthens Expolanka’s current portfolio of FMCG brands, which include t-Sips,Mo-FruitTaprobana and Baraka.

Norfolk enjoys tremendous reputation in manufacturing and marketing a range of specialized processed foods, ranging from Kievs and Cordon Bleu to Cocktail Nibbles and Smoked Delicacies, as well as popular crumbed specialties, savouries and crispy grills. This has led to a broad range of clients including quality conscious luxury and boutique hotels and globally branded five star hotels, in addition to global fast food franchises and leading supermarkets, which despite having their own brands of further processed meats, offer shelf space to NFPL products.


Quick Facts about Norfolk Foods:

· No. 1 supplier of processed food range in the Mass catering sector (hotels & institutes)

· Supplier to international franchises

· Focused on quality, they have HACCP certification and have NO added Colours, flavors or preservatives in any of their crumbed retail products.

· Staff strength of over 100 in the factory and over 25 dedicated sales personnel

· In addition to local operations the team also provides knowledge transfer services to overseas clients

More details on the product range can be found at: http://norfolksrilanka.com/

We at Expolanka are very excited to welcome a new member to our family and look forward to a future where we continue to innovate and excel together!

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