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Neptune Recyclers: A Visionary Organisation for a Greener Sri Lanka

 Neptune Recyclers

Hailed as a visionary organisation by Dr. Ajantha Perera (Founder, National Program on Recycling of Solid Waste)…

Expolanka’s Neptune Papers unveiled a new identity as Neptune Recyclers. The Chief Guest at the launch on 10 OCT 2011, Dr. Perera stated:

The real love you show people is by helping them live longer. Recycling protects the environment and enables people to live longer.

The rebranding heralds Neptune’s move into providing a total recycling solution to customers by recycling all types of solid waste items including Plastic, Polythene & Scrap Metal in addition to Paper.

Neptune Recyclers is the market leader in exporting solid waste for the last several years. Some key highlights of its activities are:

  • Exported a staggering 15,000 metric tons of waste paper in 2010.
  • The launch of ‘Neptune Green Home’, a unique service to promote the 3R concept of Reuse-Reduce-Recycle to houses in Sri Lanka, has helped residents to recycle their day-to-day solid waste items at the comfort of their homes.
  • The initiative also helps local government authorities, by minimizing the number of solid waste items collected from houses to be dumped in landfills and by also preventing the spread of deadly diseases like dengue, Malaria in houses.

E-waste Recycling

Neptune Recyclers will not be resting on its achievements and has plans to venture into e-waste recycling. Ground level research and studies have now been completed and Neptune hope to work closely with the relevant authorities to create awareness in the public about the health hazards and other environmental implications of Electronic Waste and the importance of properly recycling it.

Mr. Hanif Yusoof, Group CEO of Expolanka, also spoke at the event.

As a group we believe that every business initiative we take must be beneficial to the community. There has been an amazing turnaround in this company in the last two years with the company becoming one of the biggest recycling service providers. This new recycling center will enable them to provide an even better service.

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