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Sikander Sabeer: continuing Expolanka’s tradition of community service

Expolanka has always been in the forefront of community service and social empowerment. The staff at Expolanka are adamant about giving something back to the society, in order to improve the standards of living and quality of life. One fine example is Sikander Sabeer, who has been a pioneer in social service and volunteer work in Sri Lanka.

Sikander Sabeer currently serves as an Assistant Manager for Business Development and Project Manager for recycling solutions for Neptune Recyclers, a member of Expolanka Holdings PLC. He works with Corporates, industries, Government and non-Governmental organizations, youth and students in identifying recycling opportunities and working out solutions in order to create additional income sources for families while minimizing environmental pollution.

Sikander’s eight year experience in voluntary projects has made him a role model for young individuals, and with his young team, he strives to lead the next generation of youth volunteerism in Sri Lanka in addressing various issues. The ‘Green the Home’ project, under Sikander’s expertise, has helped families to have their own organic harvest and become energy efficient by recycling, composting and reducing waste and garbage. Launched in April 2010, the project focused on making families resource efficient by creating awareness, and working on organic farming and energy efficiency. Upon the successful completion of the first two phases of the project, Sikander received the United States Federal Assistant Grant Award to expand the project to a mega scale.

Sikander Sabeer served as the President of Rotaract Club of Spectrum IST – RI 3220 and initiated health and sanitation, poverty eradication, community development, peace and reconciliation projects during his tenure. Under his leadership, the Club received a number of awards and recognitions at the 20th Rotaract District Assembly in 2010.


Sikander has initiated and carried out developmental work around community service, youth empowerment, and climate change and has also held several key positions in various organizations. He has represented Sri Lanka in multiple youth conferences and United Nations summits while also serving as an ‘Official Youth Delegate’ at several youth gatherings. He also serves as a Youth Ambassador for climate change and sustainability under British Council International Climate Champion Programme. Sabeer was also a National Youth Delegate at the Rio+20 campaign, with the team being headed by His Excellency the President.

Volunteer initiatives on community, climate and youth empowerment resulted in Sikander Sabeer being awarded the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Youth Work 2012. This award was presented in recognition of Sabeer’s effort in making a positive difference to the lives of others in terms of poverty alleviation, education and environment protection. He also earned the Global Changemaker title of British Council Youth Empowerment Programme 2010 for outstanding contributions for volunteer activities.

Sikander has been an inspiration to a large number of youth in Sri Lanka to take up volunteer activities and help individuals and communities in need. He was also a pioneer in bringing in around 1,700 youth and volunteers in just nine days to celebrate International Youth Day.


Sabeer’s knowledge and experience has led Neptune Recyclers, the number one recycling company in Sri Lanka, in implementing recycling projects for schools and youth organizations. He has been educating dozens of youth on the concept of recycling and how it can be used for fundraising projects.

Sikander believes that even though volunteer work does not present any personal benefit, the rewards and satisfaction would someday return to honour the volunteer.

“Do as much as voluntary activities, because volunteers inspire in action, they make a real change in their community, they talk less and work a lot, but never expect any personal benefits from their action, indeed one day they will earn the rewards, that’s confirmed; install this in your mind; “I will do the best I can.”

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