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Leading Sri Lankan exports for decades with distinction

Among export oriented Companies in Sri Lanka, Expolanka Holdings has been in the forefront in supplying food items to many countries around the world. The Company has been a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, coconuts and processed food items to countries in various parts of the world.

Expolanka has been one of the pioneering Sri Lankan exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables. Founded in 1978, the Company has sustained its presence in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, African, Australian and European markets. Apart from fruits and vegetables, Expolanka also exports fresh and desiccated coconuts and related coconut products, and has recently started supplying processed food items to partnering countries.

The Company has partnered with over 16 countries in exporting such items for over thirty years. This has helped Expolanka provide its high quality food items to a wide spectrum of customers and stakeholders. The processed, organic and dry food items are produced under very hygienic conditions and under careful surveillance of food technicians, so that their quality is maintained while being exported and until eventually being consumed.

The export sector of Expolanka has earned the Company a significant contribution and has brought about significant economic gains for the country. The manufacturing segment of the Company, consists of Expolanka (Pvt) Ltd, Bio Extracts and Norfolk (Pvt) Ltd.

Exporting of food, vegetables and coconuts and coconut products, by Expolanka (Pvt) Ltd, has also increased the demand for agricultural produce and has reduced the cost of production in the agricultural sector. The exporting of processed foods has generated employment opportunities in the rural sector of Sri Lanka, providing jobs for many under-privileged individuals and families. Processed foods exports, again by Expolanka (Pvt) Ltd, has also promoted product and technological development whilst driving innovation within the sector and creating means for food to be preserved for the off season.

Expolanka’s service standards and quality has earned the Company many accolades and awards over the years. Expolanka (Pvt) Ltd has been awarded with top honours at the prestigious National Chamber of Exporters awards ceremony for three consecutive years. This award ceremony honours the outstanding accomplishments and service standards of the various exporters in the island, thus certifying Expolanka’s prominence in the export sector. Bio Extracts (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of Expolanka, too, has been honoured at the Presidential Export Awards conducted by the Export Development Board.

All these accolades of Expolanka Holdings mirrors the high quality products exported as well as the high levels of service provided by the Company. It also showcases the dedication and hard work of the staff of Expolanka, who work tirelessly to provide the highest levels of services to the customers.

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