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Expo Premier League Cricket Tournament

As champion Formula One driver Michael Schumacher states, “When you start out in a team, you have to get the teamwork going and then you get something back”. Sports can play a huge role in an individual’s life, not only in a personal aspect, but also in their professional career. Expolanka too, considers sports as an essential element in a person’s work life.

The Company has carried out various sports, teamwork and leadership campaigns, all that directly boost the morale and cooperation among the employees. The focus shown towards sports has resulted in the Company’s sports teams achieving many accolades during the recent past. Further illustrating the Company’s attention for sporting activities, Expolanka introduced the Expo Premier League earlier this year.

The Expo Premier League cricket tournament concluded recently after nine months of teamwork and competition among 24 teams, all group Companies of Expolanka Holdings PLC. Over 250 individuals belonging to Expolanka took part in the tournament, with SG Logistics emerging as Expolanka Cricket Champions and Expolanka Airline Division being Runners Up.


It was the first time that a sports tournament of such magnitude had been organized within the Company. The Expo Premier League was planned as a large scale tournament to provide more opportunity for competition, teamwork and fun within the employees, than what the annual six-a-side cricket tournament offers.

The league was organized by the Sports Committee of Expolanka, and as Mr. Irfan Anirbeen, the Assistant Secretary of the Committee, states,

“The main objective of the tournament was bringing together all the employees of the group of Companies and Divisions. The participation and enthusiasm was at a high level, with the teams preparing and practicing for the tournament weeks before it began.”

The teams were divided into four groups of six teams each. Each team played five games in the preliminary stage and the top two teams from each group advanced to the knockout stages. The second stage comprised of the quarter finals and semi finals before the top two teams making their way to the grand final. The games were held on selected days every month, providing the opportunity for participants to focus on the games while carrying out their work duties efficiently.

All the games were keenly contested, with each team building up their own strategy, tactics and culture as the tournament progressed. One significance of the tournament was members of the Expolanka cricket team representing the various teams, bringing in vital experience and skills to the outfits. A host of awards were distributed at the end of the tournament, with Dilon Woodrow of SG Logistics walking away with the Man of the Series award.

The teams had no limitations in age, position and experience factors. All outfits comprised of Managers as well as junior employees, with no age or other barriers. The format of the tournament helped the employees to get to know their team members on a deeper level and maintain good relationships with each other.

The tournament was an ideal opportunity for employees of Expolanka to not only enhance their bonds with their work colleagues, but also meet and familiarize themselves with fellow members of the Expolanka family working at other Divisions. With several Companies scattered around various parts in Colombo and the island, Expo Premier League offered a valuable opportunity for the employees to network with and enhance their relationships with others.


 Expo Premier League resulted in further enhanced relationships between the employees at Expolanka. It was a great platform for everyone involved to have fun and enjoy themselves in the name of sport, teamwork and competition. It also highlighted the significance of the role sports play in the employees’ lives at Expolanka. The tournament indeed was a great platform to bring the employees together and to further develop the existing relationships within the Company.

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