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35 years of service to the economy of Sri Lanka

In modern corporate culture, 35 years is a long time for a company to be in operation. For a company to perform continuously well throughout that time is exceptional and for two companies in the same group to possess these distinctions is an outstanding achievement. Expolanka Freight and Expolanka Limited were founded in 1978 and over the years these two companies have been the cornerstone of Expolanka Holdings.

Expolanka Freight specialises in providing fashion logistics services for many globally renowned clothing brands while Expolanka Limited is a primary exporter of Sri Lanka’s fresh fruit and vegetables to markets in the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Europe. The two companies recently walked away with top honours at the 21st Annual National Chamber of Exporters Awards Ceremony held in Colombo winning 2 gold and 1 bronze awards respectively. Expolanka Freight (EFL) won the gold award in the most outstanding exporter – service providers category as well as the gold award in the service providers to exporters ‘extra- large category’ while Expolanka Limited won the bronze award in the ‘extra-large category for value added agriculture – coconut based products. As two companies that are involved in the Export sector, Expolanka Freight and Expolanka Limited contribute to the country’s economy in a variety of ways. We spoke to some key people to find out more regarding this.


Mr. Jagath Pathirana, the CEO of Expo Freight Limited, shared his views with us regarding the NCE awards and the ways in which his company contributes to the Sri Lankan economy.

“This is the third consecutive time that we are being honoured at the NCE awards. This highlights the confidence placed on Expo Freight by our customers, partners, stakeholders and the export industry.  Having roots in Sri Lanka and then spreading our wings globally to as many as 16 countries, we are happy that we have been able to not only support the local industries with logistics services but also earn valuable foreign exchange from our international operations. In 2012, Sri Lanka earned Rs. 3.8 billion in apparel exports and we are glad that we played a pivotal role in this”. Mr. Pathirana said.


“The Sri Lanka export sector continues to face the negative effects of the global economic crisis. This calls for aggressive action in seizing immediate opportunities of the international markets to stay ahead of competition. In order to remain competitive in the current context, local exporters need to develop their standards in terms of quality of products, efficiency of delivery as well as ease of transaction. At Expolanka Freight we understand these concerns and seek to overcome them by providing comprehensive freight management services.  Our business operations and state-of-the-art facilities are run by a professional and skilled workforce who are dedicated and experienced, ensuring that we are able to meet the needs of our customers”.  Mr. Pathirana added.

Mr. Imdadh Marikar, the General Manager of Expolanka Limited, also shared his views.

 “We are honoured and privileged to receive this accolade. We have always been keen in developing the local industry and taking our products to the global market. The value addition of our fruits and vegetables industry cannot be compared to other industries because it all comes from the country’s rural areas and directly contributes to developing these districts. Sri Lanka produces more than 800,000 metric tons of fruits and vegetables for export to many destinations around the globe out of which 90% of the produce is targeted at the Middle East. Last year 26% of total food and beverages exports in Sri Lanka were processed foods, at $ 73.4 million. Expolanka Limited is proud to be the pioneer exporter of Sri Lanka’s fresh fruits and vegetables”, Mr. Imdadh said.

Mr. Imdadh also mentioned that one of the primary joys of serving at Expolanka Limited is the opportunity to witness the lives of many rural farmers bettered.

“The processing of fruits and vegetables contributes to the increase in demand for agricultural produce and thereby reduces the cost of production in the agricultural sector. Also, it utilises excess agricultural produce and thereby contributes to price stability. This makes a significant contribution to the economy by earning much needed foreign exchange and helps to substitute our country’s imports. The processed food industry also generates employment opportunities, promotes product development, innovation, technology development, preserves food for off season and adds value and nutrition to food”, Mr. Imdadh concluded.

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