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Life at Expolanka : Perspectives from employees

life at expolanka

“Since inception, an ambience of tradition and integrity has been the bedrock of all Expolanka business activities. This strong heritage endures today with honesty and reliability strongly embedded into our working culture; our dare-to-do spirit has added dynamism to this ethical base” - Expolanka Management

After 25 years of research and surveys of millions of employees, the organization ‘Great Place to Work’, states that trust is the defining principle of a great workplace.  A great workplace is one where employees:



At Expolanka Holdings, trust is the glue which binds the company together. This has been achieved through the credibility of the Expolanka management and the respect with which employees are treated. Over the years, these principles have created dynamic relationships that transcend the workplace, made Expolanka a fun place to work at and added pride and camaraderie in all Expolankians.

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We spoke to three Expolankians to find out what it is really like to work at Expolanka Holdings.

Mr. Shamayil Saheedullah who works as a Junior Executive in the Finance and ERP sector says that working at Expolanka is a rewarding experience.

“I joined Expolanka in 2010 and working here has been great. One of the first things that struck me is the sense of camaraderie and team spirit in every Expolankian. Collaboration creates better work, better results and a better culture, and collaboration is found in abundance at Expo”.

“As a group we take part in a variety of interesting activities. We participate in training sessions, enjoy company outings and get-togethers.  Work is challenging; however, our superiors are kind and are keen to nurture us into hardworking, dependable and passionate workers”.

Mr. Suhitha Karunanayaka who works as a Senior Executive in the HR Department at Expolanka Holdings says,

“Expolanka is my second home; working at Expolanka is a challenging but an enjoyable experience. We have an open door culture and employees are encouraged to share their opinions on how the company should operate. Our superiors are open to our suggestions and in my view this is a significant aspect”.

We asked Suhitha about the extracurricular activities at Expolanka.

“I am a keen shuttler and I am part of the Expolanka badminton team. I also represent the cross cultural team, the environmental team as well as the Expolanka toastmasters club. Sports is huge at expo; every week employees receive the latest sports updates.  This results in Expolankians coming in numbers whenever there is a significant sporting event. There are also family get-togethers, health camps, outbound trainings and a host of other interesting activities”.

“As part of the cross cultural team I am in a unique position to speak about the multicultural atmosphere at Expo”, Suhitha continued. “All religions and ethnic groups in Sri Lanka are represented in the company and all of us live together as one big family. When a festival approaches, the employees of that religious or ethnic group get together and give everyone else a treat”.

Mr. Thamesh Fernando, Head of Group Finance, also shared his views with us;

“There is so much room for creativity at Expo. Employees are given a fair amount of freedom by their supervisors and this unearths their latent talents. Expolanka is filled with passionate people who know the value they add to the company. They know where the company is headed, what the company believes and what everyone is working towards. We have an approachable leadership and a fun, energetic and transparent environment. This is what makes Expolanka so successful”, Mr. Thamesh added.

When asked about the advice that he would give a young person who would like to join Expo, Mr. Thamesh said

“Anyone seeking to join Expo should have an inquisitive mind and be willing to learn as much as possible. They have to be open for challenges and be willing to work hard. If they possess these values they will find that Expolanka is one of the best places to work in Sri Lanka”


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