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Paan Paan – Welcome to its lush new outlet!

Specialty bread lovers in Colombo now have more cause for celebration. Paan Paan, operated by Lanka Premier Foods (Pvt) Ltd – a subsidiary of Expolanka Holdings, recently opened its lush new outlet at 6B Alfred House Road in Colombo 3 (next to CricketCafe/Gallery Café).


The new outlet is home to a wide range of bread, pastries, sweets and a sandwich bar that takes center stage. The full range of Paan Paan breads are available including health breads, white breads, French bread, Italian breads, buns, croutons, bread sticks, muffins, savories and sweets.

At the sandwich bar, a customer can choose from five types of nine inch long submarine buns; these are available as brown bread, French baguette, white bread or ciabatta. The filling can be chosen according to the consumer’s discretion and some noteworthy mentions available are the smoked chicken, chicken salad, fresh tuna, roast beef, cheese and tomato and grilled veggies.


The customer can also choose the garnishing from a selection of lettuce, zucchini, tomato, gherkins and onion. No sandwich is complete without a tasty sauce and in Paan Paan these come in the form of rosemary mustard, honey mayonnaise and chili. Each of the sauces are specially formulated and are uniquely different.  The prices of the sandwiches range from Rs.375 to 450/- for a filled nine inch submarine sandwich.

Customers can also enjoy a chilled fresh almond or chocolate milk. The delicious almond milk is made from natural almonds without the use of flavoring or essences. The chocolate milk is made from Swiss chocolate without the use of added cocoa powder.

A variety of coffee made using Sri Lankan coffee beans are also available and the choices of flavours are boundless. One can enjoy the likes of a cappuccino, latte, café mocha, espresso or even a regular brewed coffee.  Tea enthusiasts can try the t-sips brand of black tea, green tea and milk tea.Paa

The director of Lanka Premier Foods, Mr. Aboo Yusoof says, “The immense success of our flagship outlet on Lorenz Road created the platform to launch our second outlet and the attention thus received has been immense. Introducing not only a sandwich bar but many other delicacies for our customers was a goal we wanted to achieve and we are humbled by its result”.

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