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HelloCorp: The Journey of the Company

“HelloCorp has managed to turn heads, change attitudes and put the island on the global map, as one of the world’s most efficient and professional group of web technical support engineers. What makes this venture even more striking is the fact that the company rests entirely on the shoulders of young men and women between the ages of 20 and 24 years” – Financial Times

The story of HelloCorp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Expolanka Holdings PLC, begins in 2002 when renowned entrepreneur Judd Berlin and IT guru Jonathan Rasiah had the vision of initiating Sri Lanka’s first BOI approved Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company; Berlin and Rasiah struck a partnership with Expolanka and HelloCorp was born.



HelloCorp initially operated using a voice and data (or call centre) model with 120 employees servicing clients such as America Online (AOL) and Microsoft. However, this model proved to be inefficient and the company significantly scaled down operations and re-focused resources. Eleven years later HelloCorp is positioned at the pinnacle of Sri Lanka’s outsourcing industry. The company which was a fledgling twelve years ago has expanded its wings and now serves clients in four continents.

HelloCorp focuses primarily on contact centre services for small and medium scale companies/ who wants to establish an offshore operation in order to be competitive in their core businesses. Small and medium scale companies that outsource to HelloCorp experience increased efficiency, cost cutting, a reduction of risks, the ability to start new projects faster and other benefits. Additionally, HelloCorp offers highly customized solutions to suit any scale of operations and each company is approached in a unique manner. Apart from its established clients in North America, United Kingdom and Australia, the company is now venturing into the Middle East and Europe.

With time, the services offered by HelloCorp have broadened and currently the company offers the following,

  • Airline Ticketing and Reservation Services – Outsourced processing of Airline ticketing and reservations.
  • IT Technical Support – Remote Help Desk and Technical Support services including troubleshooting, server maintenance, remote login, etc.
  • Customer Support Services – Inbound Customer Query Handling, Email & Chat Response Management, Virtual Receptionist, etc.
  • Back Office Operations – Data Entry, Data Processing, Payroll Processing and other Back Office Processing
  • Human Resource Management – Contact Centre Skills Training
  • Contact Centre Management to Service Industries – E.g.IT, Telecommunications, Internet Service and Broadband Providers, Travel & Leisure, and Banking & Finance

The success of Hello is based on a trusted formula; the company features an experienced workforce and the latest technology. Over the years, Hello has mastered the art of providing services such as data processing, IT tech support, back office processing, managed outsourcing solutions and other BPO services. The proof is supposed to be in the pudding and HelloCorp was rewarded for its years of hard work when it became the first- ever 3rd party non-captive Business Process Outsourcing Service provider in Sri Lanka to receive the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems Certification in 2005.

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