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Expolanka embraces strategic business leadership

At the beginning of 2013, business leaders the world over are faced with a corporate environment that is increasingly volatile. Today we live in a complex, interconnected and interdependent world. The most recent global economic turmoil is not the first of its kind and it will certainly not be the last. The frequency of these challenges of global impact is only bound to increase, given that the consequences of our actions have far-reaching impact today. – Davos 2013

The above statement by S.D. Shibulal, Chief Executive Officer of Infosys Ltd at the 2013 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting underlines the unique challenges faced by modern business leaders. The past five years have been a time of global economic misery with thousands of businesses facing bankruptcy and millions of people losing their jobs. This global meltdown was not caused by subprime mortgages, credit default swaps, or even excessive greed. These are only symptoms of the real problem. The root cause of this crisis was failed leadership.

Today, more than ever, we need a new breed of business leaders who will build lasting value through innovation and growth, a breed of leaders who are not solely based on positional power but ones who actively partner with their people in order to move forward.

At Expolanka we have always understood the importance of good leadership. For over three decades we have been blessed with an abundance of great leaders. It is these individuals who have transformed Expolanka from a small company exporting fruits and vegetable to a diversified entity owning businesses in 16 countries in Asia, Africa, USA and the Middle East. Through experience we know that leadership is a skill that develops with time when promising individuals are trusted and given the freedom to shine. Recently, the leaders at Expolanka were privileged to attend a strategic leadership development programme at the Indian School of Business. (ISB)

ISB 2013

The Indian School of Business (ISB) was established in 2001 with an aspiration to put India on the global map of management education. In less than a decade since its inception, the ISB successfully pioneered several new trends in management education in India, and firmly established itself as a world class management institution. In 2008, the ISB became the youngest institution to be ranked among the Top 20, in the Global B-school Rankings by the Financial Times, London. The strategic leadership programme at ISB is designed to give executives a leadership and strategic perspective on their businesses, with particular attention given to leading strategically in today’s environment of rapid change and growing global opportunities.

The strategic leadership programme for Expolanka, which was held from the 15th-17th February 2013, was tailor made and designed to address the developmental needs of senior managers as the company seeks to implement its ambitious growth plans. The board of directors, executive council of Expolanka, the CEO’s of the various Expo companies and the general managers from the global network attended the programme.

ISB Group

The programme was conducted by an eminent panel of professors from the ISB; they held informative lectures on the concept of strategy, on how to manage the unique challenges facing a family business, corporate strategy and cross border acquisitions, challenges in execution and so on. The design of the programme was derived from Expolanka’s key expectations of their managers and the ability of managers to infuse thought leadership into their businesses and functions. Special emphasis was ascribed to creating a sustained winning edge using values as a business advantage.

The programme gave me a fresh insight on how to look at a business in a wholistic way and how to compete not only locally but globally. Being in the service industry,we tend to get engrossed in our day to day chores at work and sometimes forget to step back and look at the business from bottom up. To look at it fresh in the current context of things. This was an eye opener and an opportunity for us to do just that

said Jagath Pathirane, CEO, Expo Freight (EFL) Sri Lanka who participated in the programme.
At the programme Expolanka leaders were given the opportunity to share their views on corporate strategy and implementation. Six leaders gave presentations on their business growth strategy and were given feedback from the ISB faculty. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to peruse world renowned business publications & cases published by  the Harvard Business Review and other leading publications.


The strategic leadership programme by ISB was a systematic exploration of the local and global opportunities for Expolanka and their implications for forging a growth strategy for the company. All in all, it gave profound insight to our leaders on how they can instill a long term vision while managing day to day operations.

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