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Exporail: Redefining the rail journey to Kandy


We were hugely proud of the launch of Exporail, a new service redefining the alreadymemorable train journey to Kandy by providing a super luxury rail service.

This service provides travelers to the hills with on-board meals and entertainment and has staff that is trained in hospitality management. The compartment managed by Exporail is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that include exceptionally comfortable seats, wi-fi and other services. This heralds a new age in rail passenger transportation in Sri Lanka.

Tickets for Exporail are available for booking online from anywhere in the word and Expolanka will use it’s existing in-house resources to provide additional services such as hotel bookings, transfers, excursions and all-inclusive travel coordination.

Exporail has the goal of taking over 10 compartments and converting them in order to expand the super luxury train service in Sri Lanka.

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