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Rural craftsmen & the environment benefit from Expolanka


Back to Earth was launched with the aim of developing Sri Lanka’s local cottage handicraft industry by building partnerships with the many smalltime craftsmen working from different parts of rural Sri Lanka

It is part of the wider core value of “stakeholder responsibility” practiced by us. At Expolanka, we are always looking for ways to extend our responsibility towards the community and environment. We believe that corporate sustainability comes from within, and our Green Team, which compromises of individuals from different business units, work with the aim of developing, promoting, and building awareness of environmentally friendly business operations and initiatives – all with the goal of improving sustainability and minimising environmental damage.

The Back to Earth handicrafts initiative is part of this. It safeguards the sustainability of the local handicraft industry, community and environment by working to bring culturally iconic items such as mats, pottery, cane works and jewellery to the urban consumer. This partnership will allow local craftsmen to benefit directly from the sale of their goods, which are produced by masterful craftsmanship that has passed down from generation to generation for millennia. This helps them to not only sustain their livelihoods but also ensurse the survival of their niche industry.

By participating in the process, consumers can take pleasure by knowing that their purchases directly reward the local handicraft industry and thus help to keep an integral part of Sri Lankan culture alive.

Back to Earth is a joint venture with eco friendly products manufacturer ‘Back to Earth’and our member company Neptune Recyclers, a market leader in recycling in Sri Lanka. It uses all eco-friendly recycled material for it’s packaging, such as tea-stained and saffron paper produced by Neptune Recyclers. With its sustainable and inclusive approach to business operations and design, Back to Earth offers handicrafts for the nation, packaged in guilt-free eco-friendly material.

Recycling has many benefits, which include:

- minimising the material collected at landfills and reducing the rise of pollution via leakages from these
- preventing these landfills from acting as areas for mosquito and disease breeding
- prevent the waste of useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials
– reducing greenhouse gas emissions when materials are destroyed in incinerators.

With an increasing awareness of these benefits, the global market for recycled material is growing rapidly. By buying products made from these materials, end consumers can contribute to a safer, healthier environment by stimulating the demand for recycled materials.

The venture is yet another example of how we believe true corporate accountability goes beyond isolated CSR activities and is measured by the social and environmental sustainability of a corporation’s operations. For more about our CSR work, read about our Award for Social Marketing at the Global Awards for Brand Excellence 2011.


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