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Thinking Beyond Sustainability


Whether it’s our success in implementing a broad range of green policies and activities or our ongoing commitment to community development, we take great pride in the CSR activities of Expolanka.

As stated by our Sustainability Vision -

Expolanka will be a leader in enhancing the long term sustain ability of the communities it serves; our CSR practices will be integrated throughout our business operations and will deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to our employees, communities and other stakeholders, while delivering a business advantage to our organization.

In order to live up to the standards we have set ourselves and to be able to successfully maintain ongoing programs such as Expo Medix, promote events such as World Earth Day, develop businesses that enrich their communities such as Back to Earth and achieve milestones such as becoming Sri Lanka’s first-ever, and one of the first Asian, CarbonNeutral® Freight & Logistics Company, we have developed a CSR model that is currently being implemented with the aim of being fully operational by 20125.

Focusing in five areas, with the goal of creating a structured assessment process of CSR projects, this model is aimed at addressing the societal needs of the nation and making Expolanka an outstanding corporate citizen for a better tomorrow.


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By following a five-step assessment process, our goal is to create and execute CSR and green projects as efficiently as possible, with the maximum benefit to society and the environment.



Our commitment to the environment and minimizing our corporate footprint has seen us implementing a broad range of green policies and activities, including protecting biodiversity and acting against climate change, reducing, reusing and recycling paper, minimising energy usage, reduction in e-waste, conserving water and effluent treatment.

Our Go Green approach is based on this methodology -



Our community development activity covers a broad array of activities, with a special focus of the multiplier effects from employment creation, economic growth to increasing the standards and the quality of living. We have initiated community service projects in the realm of health, education, food, nutrition and philanthropy for needy causes, contributing monetary donations, volunteerism, implementing projects that support a cause and services.

We again base our approach on a structured methodology to ensure that our activities make meaningful contributions to advancing the wellbeing of the less fortunate.


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