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APIIT – world-class education based in Sri Lanka



Meeting the demand for high quality university education in Sri Lanka, the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) is a student-focused institution that offers outstanding facilities and high-quality teaching at an affordable cost. APIIT is exceptionally proud of the fact that their nurturing environment guides students to success both in their careers and in life.

Founded in 1999 with BOI approval, APIIT’s primary goal is to produce internationally recognised computing and business professionals who will meet the demands of the industry and commerce and contribute to the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka. APIIT works in partnership with Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology – Malaysia and Staffordshire University and has credit transfer arrangements with a number of reputable universities in the UK and Australia.

APIIT’s success stories have been recognised on an international level, including:

- An audit by the Quality Assurance Agency of the United Kingdom.

- A grant from the World Bank Project for ‘Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE) in Sri Lanka.

A part of APIIT’s commitment to caring for students, student services include counseling for prospective students in choosing the correct study program and help for international students in securing visas and accommodation.

Students are provided with
Career Guidance and Job Placement Service and APIIT works closely with leading corporate entities in Sri Lanka to provide opportunities for students. In addition, University Placements Services are offered to transfer eligible students to affiliated universities in the United Kingdom and Australia and to APIIT centers in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Committed not only to academic excellence, APIIT offers a full range of experiences for students. Students enjoy a rich social life with a wide variety of events and societies that cater to a diverse range of interests.

APIIT focuses on four core areas in its programs. These are:

The School of Computing

Dedicated to producing computing professionals who are effective in a globalized and dynamic environment, the APIIT School of Computing offers variety of choices that provide for a broad education in computer systems, hardware, software and information systems supplemented by professional issues.

Later on, students can choose to speciliase in their chosen career path, opening opportunities for industry specialisations such as System Analysts, Project Managers, Database Administrators, Analyst Programmers and Data Communication Specialists.

The School of Business

While providing a comprehensive education in all areas of business, courses from the APIIT School of Business has a strong IT component, ensuring graduates are able to use the full potential of Information Technology in analysing and solving business problems. There is also a focus on developing entrepreneurship skills, in keeping with the ethos of Expolanka Holdings, APIIT’s parent company.

The school produces students who are enterprising, flexible and skilled across a wide area of disciplines and able to use technology appropriately and with excellent communication skills – the full set of skills required to succeed in the modern business environment.

The Law School

Established in conjunction with Staffordshire University Law School, UK, the APIIT School of Law offers an internal British LLB (Hons) Law.

The Law School has a purpose built building consisting of state-of-the-art learning infrastructure such as a modern law library, a moot court, specially designed lecture theatres, small-group tutorial rooms, IT laboratories and other support facilities. In addition, students take part in the SKILLS program in their first year, which imparts skills such as legal problem solving, legal writing and research, client interviewing, and critical analysis.

Graduates are equipped to embark on further training for a professional career as Barristers or Solicitors in the UK and Attorneys-at-Law in Sri Lanka, after successful completion of the professional studies and training requirements set by the respective professional bodies. Alternatively, LLB (Hons) Law graduates may pursue careers as Legal Executives, Company Secretaries, Human Resource Managers, Educationalists, Consultants and Researchers.

The Graduate School

Offering Masters Degree Programs from Staffordshire University, UK, the APIIT Graduate School has an MBA program and an MSc program. These feature internationally recognized curricula adapted to the local environment and have foreign visiting lecturers to give a global perspective.

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