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Travel Made Simple

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Many of us dream of travelling the world, to see world wonders and to fill our passports with the stamps of exotic lands; however these have become mere dreams as we rarely go on vacations.  The rarity of this act has made many of us to consider this as a luxury. One crucial impediment to holidays is the burden of travel planning. For example,research has found that on an average a person would take about 18 days to plan a 6 day holiday, with more than 13 hours spent on searching accommodation options and 11 hours sorting out the modes of transportation that would be used during the vacation. This burdensome perception towards travel has made this simple pleasure of life into a complex and expensive activity that many of us either avoid or refuse to even take into consideration.

However, if we had someone who would do the researching and planning portion of our vacation, many of us would consider going on a vacation as easy a task as our daily commute to work. This is where the importance of Travel Agents come into play. Travel Agents or advisors provide customers with consultation services and tour packages tailored to suit the needs of each customer.

You might still be wondering how a Travel Agent can do a better job than you in planning your dream vacation. One reason is that Travel Agents have an innate knowledge about the industry, which enables them to provide you with options that you may have not considered. Their expertise is quite useful when choosing an airline, accommodation and transportation for your vacation, as they will be able to give you an option that suits you, your budget, and most importantly your dream vacation.

Another advantage of planning your vacation with a Travel Agent is that you are able to save money. Travel Agents have created their own network among key actors in the travel industry, which has enabled them to provide you with the best prices and discounts when it comes to Tickets and holiday packages, unlike what you would be offered if you were to book a room or a tour by yourself.

A common oversight that occurs when anyone plans vacation is that they sacrifice quality for frugality, by solely planning their holiday based on the hotel or airline that offers us the lowest price, which has often made their holidays to be one where they continuously compare what they saw online with what they are offered offline. However, ticketing and accommodation options provided by Travel Agents are in fact quite reliable and has a level of accuracy tied with it. For example, if you plan your holiday tour, you would have a limited access to good English-proficient guides for your tour, which is easily available for any traveller who plans their vacation with a Travel Agent.

Classic Travel is one of Sri Lanka’s premier travel agencies with more than 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry. They are an IATA accredited Travel Agent that offers total travel solutions to Corporate and Leisure markets. Their unique attribute of conducting operations 365 days of the year while being open 24 hours each day have enabled travellers to easily access their services to obtain flight information, purchase air tickets, book hotels or even just to discuss their future holiday travel plans.

Furthermore, the highly trained staff provides customers with travel packages that suit their needs. In order to ensure that the traveller is always at ease, they have joined an alliance with Chartis Insurance Limited, a World’s leading International Insurance & Financial service Organization, to provide Chartis Travel Guard Emergency Health & Assistance Insurance, this enables travellers to access an unlimited number of hospitals and health service providers worldwide, in case they fall ill or sustain an injury while they travel.

Apart from this Classic Travel is a direct agent to all Airlines represented in Sri Lanka, and has been able to maintain its ranking one of the top 03 travel agents for all the major airlines in Sri Lanka. Additionally, Classic Travel has been named as the Preferred Sales Agent for Star Cruises Singapore, leading Cruise Liner in the Asia Pacific Region, enabling travellers to get the best in both Air and Sea Travel.

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