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Why you need customs brokerage services to deal with the nitty-gritty of Shipping

Shipping goods can be a tiring task especially if the exporter or importer is doing it directly by themselves, from the numerous documents that need to be prepared and authorised to getting the goods cleared through the Customs, the whole experience of shipping goods is one that is often dreaded by many who do it by themselves. Despite this wearisome process, the total cargo handled by Ports Authority of Sri Lanka in 2014 was more than MT 70,000 thousands, and a growth of 12.3% was experienced in comparison to 2013 signifying the surging use of freight services.

How do importers and exporters deal with this process? The simple answer is the Customs Brokerage Services provided by Freight Forwarders. A customs broker acts as a professional-agent for an importer or exporter, by preparing and submitting all documents for the clearing of goods through customs, and in return is paid customs-brokerage. This is mainly classified as Export Customs Brokering and Import Customs Brokering, which entails a different set of tasks and documents to be produced in order to clear the good from Customs. For example when exporting goods, documents like the Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, Boat Note has to be produced while the goods will be verified and approved by either the Customs or the Board of Investment (BOI), on the other hand when goods are imported documents such as the Bill of Lading, Customs Declaration, Certificate of Origin need to be produced along with the payment for duties levied based on the Harmonized System (HS) codes.

Expo Freight (EFL), Expolanka’s freight forwarding and supply chain management solutions provider which offers services across the globe has added various services to its portfolio over the years as part of its commitment to cater to its clients’ needs. The services included air freight services, ocean freight services, sea air services, customs brokerage services, warehousing and transporting services, project services, and bonded warehousing/ Freeport services. Along with these services, EFL’s partnership with key suppliers has improved the overall freight service experience for customers as they receive priority services when they need it the most.

Expolanka’s Pulsar Freight (Pvt) Ltd provides an integrated service to deliver shipments around the globe powered by a Worldwide Agency Network. Pulsar Freight’s COO, Kapila Gunawardena commented on the benefits EFL clients receive when they outsource their Customs Brokering Activities; “Using customs brokerage services does not merely reduce the amount of paperwork the client has to endure, but in fact EFL’s services help our clients to minimize overhead costs like transport that they would incur if they carried out these tasks, as we provide competitive rates through our partner shipping lines.”

As a leading provider of freight forwarding services EFL’s Customs Brokerage Services has strived to provide an easy, reliable service, which will provide great value to its clients through its competitive rates and a team of dedicated employees with more than 10 years of experience.  As part of EFL’s commitment to meet its clients’ needs, the Company’s Lorries and Cargo Trucks are fitted with GPS tracker to provide their clients with real-time updates regarding the whereabouts of their goods.

“We at EFL consider that it is important to provide our customers a good ethical overall service, this is why we look into every minute detail from high quality trucks, experienced employees to the delivery of damage free goods to the client’s warehouse” commented Kapila Gunawardena on EFL’s services.

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