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Expolanka Celebrates its Sporting Stars at ‘Expo Sports’ Colours Night

Expo Sports ‘Colours Night’ was recently held at the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism auditorium, to recognize with grandeur the talented sportspersons of Expolanka who had achieved great heights in the Mercantile and National level. The event awarded 73 men and 19 women with medals, trophies, and certificates for their individual and group achievements in the fields of Football, Cricket, Netball, Badminton, Rugby, and Swimming. Furthermore, Expo Sports’ Coaching Staff, Team Managers, Physiotherapists and Committee members were presented with awards to show appreciation for the services they’ve rendered.

Trophies won by each sports team from Expolanka on display at the Colours Night 2015

This first of its kind event organized by Expo Sports, the sports club of Expolanka Holdings, was to highlight the high fliers in the Mercantile and National sporting arena. The main aim of this event was to provide exposure among the Management and Top Executives regarding the tireless effort these extraordinary Expolankians who had brought fame to the Group in the fields of Football, Cricket, Netball, Badminton, Rugby, and Swimming. The event also recognized the Best Achiever for the period under consideration, where Rawme Mohideen was awarded for being the Best All-rounder for his talents in the Football field.

Expo Sports has achieved many feats during the short period of its commencement.In the field of Football, Exploanka has won a number of commendable titles, from

Expo Football

Expolanka Football Team

Additionally, Expolanka Football was highlighted internationally as the team was able to win the ‘South Asia Final Winner’ title atthe Standard Chartered Trophy 2015 (Futsal Tournament) in Mumbai, India and was given the opportunity to tour Anfield, Liverpool Football Club. While Expo Football Players, Rawme Mohamed and Nazeer Imran has been representing the Sri Lankan National team for several years.

Expolanka Cricket team, has contributed commendably for the success of Expo Sports in the Mercantile cricket arena, which includes the

  • Mercantile Indoor Cricket Tournament 2012/13- “A” Runner up position,

    Rugby Team Picture

    Expolanka Rugby Team

  • Mercantile Outdoor Cricket Tournament 2013/14-”G” Championship and
  • the Mercantile Softball Cricket Tournament 2014/15 – “Open Sixes” Runner up title.

As a young team with just three years of experience, Expo Netball has been able to remarkably perform through its wins in the

Expo Netball

Expolanka Netball Team

  • Mercantile Netball League Tournament – “C” division 2014 – Runner up title,
  • the Open Invitation tournament -2015 – Runner up title,
  • the Open club tournament 2015 – Runner up title,
  • the Mercantile Knockout Netball Tournament “C” Division 2015 – Championship,
  • the Mercantile Netball League Tournament “C” Division 2015 – Championship and
  • the DotCom tournament -2015 – plate Championship.

“Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed all the achievements of sportsmen and women of Expolanka with great pride and delight. And it gives me even more pleasure to see these men and women being appreciated for their dedication, passion and excellence,” commented Hanif Yusoof, Group CEO, Expolanka Holdings PLC on the event.

Expo Sports was founded in 2012, is a sport club by Expolankians for Expolankians to recognize and hone their talents in the different fields of sports. The Club consists of a committee with 12 members, where 5 representatives have been appointed to represent the key sporting areas at Expolanka which are registered with the Mercantile Federation. Apart from its key focus of creating a conductive environment to develop the skills and talents of the individuals at Expolanka, the club also aims to promote camaraderie among Expolankians through inter-organizational events, like Expo Shuttlers, Expo Cricket Sixers, Expo Bowling and many other events.

Expolanka Holdings has always valued its employees and has believed that their employees’ diversities should be recognized and celebrated; this corporate culture is resonated through their core value of ‘Caring for Stakeholders’ Interests’. Over the years, Expolanka’s has shown external stakeholders its commitment to this core value through events such as; ‘ExpoClicks’, a photography exhibition for Expolankians to present their photography skills, and ‘Expo Got Talent’ a talent show that highlighted Expolanka’s multi-talented individuals. Expolanka has understood that when an organization promotes recreational activities, especially sports among its employees, it in fact can have a reciprocal effect on the professional aspect of the employees,helping them to gain skills such as teamwork, time management, communication, grace under pressure and achievement orientation.

 “This was a great opportunity for these players to be recognized at a ceremonious event for the contribution they have made to place Expolanka as a worthy competitor in the fields of Football, Cricket, Netball, Badminton, Rugby, and Swimming. I believe that this recognition immensely motivated the players as their tremendous dedication and effort was brilliantly highlighted” commented Aabid Akram, President of Expo Sports.


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