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Classic Vacations forging ahead with innovation


Classic Vacations forging ahead with innovationClassic Vacations was established with the intention of providing customers with outbound tours and holidays tailored to suit their various travel needs. Classic Vacations offers its customers an all-inclusive tour package from planning a customized tour, to processing the tickets, and advice regarding methods of obtaining visas.

With a higher focus set on providing authentic tours and holidays, Classic Vacations has provided its customers with customized packages to attend world-class cruises, Sporting Events like Golf tournaments and Formula 1 Grand Prix, Concerts, adventure tours and holidays.

Rajitha Seneviratne, Head of Classic Vacations commented on the Company’s ability to provide expansive packages to its customers;

“Classic Travel’s wide supplier network, enables us to provide Classic Vacations’ customers with better offers and assistance. We tap into this network and try to provide our customers a value-for-money service that they deserve.”

What differentiates Classic Vacations from its competitors is its ability to offer customized packages to customers. This customization is offered by the experienced and knowledgeable staff at Classic Vacations, making every customer’s’ experience a satisfying one. Apart from this, the 24/7 customer support of Classic Travel’s call center and offices are extended towards to Classic Vacations’ customers as they are provided with afterhours assistance. Furthermore, Classic Vacations assist its customers in obtaining bank loans, if required, to fund such holidays and tours.

Classic Vacations has been able to establish itself as one of the market leaders in the industry, within a period of one year from commencement. This was evident when Cox & Kings Ltd, an international travel company covering 23 countries across 4 continents, providing travel related services for leisure, business, education, MICE, and adventure travel, chose Classic Vacations as its Preferred Sales Agent (PSA) for Cox & Kings outbound travel operations. Furthermore, Classic Vacations was also chosen by StarCruise, a leading cruise line in Asia Pacific, as its General Sales Agent (GSA).

Classic Vacations cater to a unique market requirement. The Company’s customers include various types of people travelling abroad, for adventure travel, for events and for leisure. The Company provides their customers unmatched travel experiences while taking each customer’s requirement into account. Classic Vacations expert local supplier base in each country makes all the difference in organizing tailor made holiday tours to suit customer requirements.

Rajitha Seneviratne, revisited the previous years most highlighting activities,

“When looking at the highlights of the previous year for Classic Vacations, the key event was the appointment as a PSA of Cox & Kings Ltd. Apart from that we were also able to expand our supplier network in countries like Peru, Chile, Kenya, Morocco, through our holiday packages which were focused on adventure and exotic travel. Moreover, our relocation to a new office in a convenient location close to Thurstan College, Colombo helped influenced a growth in our sales. We even offered tours that were not previously offered by us in countries like South America, Japan and other locations in an effort to provide our tour packages to our customers by covering all continents.”

With the arrival of the new year, Classic Vacations has decided to continue its focus on some of its most thriving activities, such as tours packages to coincide a special event like F1, Golf Tournaments etc. which would provide the customer the satisfaction of an outbound trip along with a holiday with the experience of an event, while also focusing more on adventure travel and leisure packages, by extending it to long haul destinations. Furthermore, Classic Vacations plans on exploring new business opportunities by capitalizing on needs that have not yet been fulfilled, for example, it plans to offer tour packages each month which would highlight a special holiday or celebratory day that is celebrated worldwide, for example Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day etc.

Rajitha gave a glimpse into Classic Vacations’ goals for 2016;

“We have 4 main goals for the new year, around which all our new products and targeted business activities revolve around, they are; 1. Be one of the top three tour operators in Sri Lanka, 2. Double our profitability, 3. Increase our Margins, and finally 4. Provide training for staff to make them the cream of the crop in the industry. We believe one of the core products that can create a great impact on achieving these goals are our tour packages for exotic tours to the Amazon, Brazil, and European Destinations. ”

Furthermore, Classic Vacations’ Rajitha predicts that during the year 2016 the tour operator industry in Sri Lanka would experience the following new trends;

“As more Sri Lankans are become savvy consumers, they are looking for value-for-money packages, this would mean that they would be seeking destinations that are not usually offered by tour operators, the more exotic the better. Another trend that is emerging in the tour operator industry is the ‘youth movement’, i.e. there is a trend of more and more younger people, particularly groups of friends planning tours and holidays together, apart from the traditional tours that are taken with family.”

Classic Vacations maintains a close relationship with the mother Company, Classic Travel in terms of mutual business handling. Given its expertise in the ticketing process, Classic Travel directly handles ticket processing of all Classic Vacation clients. In return, Classic Vacation would handle certain value added services for Classic Travel such as organized tour packages for foreign trips. Thus, Classic Vacation has become a key contributor to the success of Classic Travel.

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