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Expo Medix: 50,000 patients treated!


Expo Medix, our flagship CSR program, recently reached the milestone of 50,000 patients. This program, which provides low cost medical consultation and subsidized drugs, treats patients in Mattakkuliya, Slave Island, Grandpass, Wattala & Kalutara with an average of 30-40 patients visiting each clinic daily.


From its beginnings as a simple clinic in Slave Island, this not- for- profit CSR program by Expolanka now comprises of a chain of fully-fledged Medical Clinics and Surgeries served by qualified doctors and nurses. The clinics are fully functional, providing medical consultation & diagnostics services, operations on minor surgery requirements, and provides medicines and drugs at a subsidized cost.

A natural extension of the community development culture which is central to our business philosophy, Expo Medix aims to be an affordable solution to patients from the lower income segments who are unable to afford the usually high-priced private healthcare system and find themselves unable to address their immediate health needs satisfactorily. Our goal is to do this without compromising on the quality and efficiency of health services.



As our Head of Marketing & CSR, Mr. Paddy Weerasekera states, “It is important for us as an organization to make a difference in the lives of our stakeholders and Expo Medix highlights our involvement in the communities that we work with, by prioritizing their basic health needs.”

Expo Medix is part of a wider array of CSR and community activities by Expolanka. These include:

To find out more about our award winning activities, read the Global recognition for Expolanka’s CSR at 20th World Brand Congress.


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