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Healthy Living – World Elders’ Day

 “Listen to your elders’ advice. Not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong.”

Healthy Living, Expolanka’s CSR initiative, in partnership with Helpage Sri Lanka, provided free healthcare services and treatment for over 300 elderly citizens recently. The Healthy Living project is Expolanka’s way of giving back to the society, in commemoration of World Elders’ Day, held on the 1st of October. This year marked the 3rd installment of Healthy Living.

Paddy Weerasekera, Head of Marketing, Corporate Communications, and CSR spoke of the work the Healthy Living project has been able to cover.

“We focused on continuing our form from the previous 2 years. We were able to treat 150 patients with eye related issues, and Expolanka sponsored 25 out of them to undergo cataract surgery. We also handed over spectacles, based on the tests conducted during the camp.”

Paddy Weerasekera further explained the background behind this Elders’ Day initiative.

“Elders in today’s society are sometimes left to bear the inevitable burdens of their age alone with no help. Given this situation, World Elders’ Day is an apt occasion to helping hand to our senior citizens in need. In 2014, we conducted a similar programme to assist the elderly with much success and we’ve decided to maintain this as an annual event in addition to our other healthcare endeavours.”

This combined project of Expolanka and Helpage Sri Lanka comprised of a series of health camps in Maskeliya, Sedawatta, Homagama, and Wattala, mainly targeting low-income level families. During these health camps, the patients were offered checkups and consultation services, Body Mass Index calculation, vision care, dietary advice, and free prescription drugs.

Representatives of HelpAge Sri Lanka were overjoyed about the pioneering role Expolanka was taking for World Elders’ Day. Russell Juriansz, Manager of Special Projects at HelpAge, shared his views about the project.

“Looking after senior citizens is a worthy cause that all entities including corporates should consider. We are grateful to Expolanka for their support.”

Being involved with this project was a great opportunity for the team at Expolanka to contribute to society in some way, and Weerasekera emphasized on the value this project has brought into his personal and professional life.

“It certainly feels great to be involved with such a CSR project. The elders have rendered such a great service to the society, and it is our duty to appreciate it in whatever way possible. I’m also glad to be a part of a company like Expolanka, which places high importance on social welfare.”

Healthy Living was received by the participants with much gratitude. According to Paddy Weerasekera, the patients were highly grateful to the CSR team and Expolanka for taking an important role in catering to their basic needs.

“The feedback we received for the Healthy Living camp was immense. The smiles of the participants at the end of their treatment sessions said a lot about what this project meant to them. The good comments we continue to receive are what drives us to continue our work.”

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