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One Team, One Spirit, One Company



During the day they are serious, efficient and diligent employees. They compile reports, address meetings, speak to international clients and engage in an array of business activities.

However, a transformation takes place in the evenings. The same men and women shed their formal clothes and don sportswear. A group rushes off to the badminton court and another to the basketball arena. Some begin to run laps in the rugby field, some start swimming countless lengths in the pool and others hurl themselves about on the cricket grounds.

These individuals are Expolanka’s sportsmen and women. In the past two decades, their dedication has brought countless accolades to the company. Their sporting ethos is admirable and their efforts have made us all proud.

Since its launch in 1978, Expolanka has always been more than a business. Our business is built on a ‘Dare to do Spirit’ and we established our company on the bedrock of integrity. Over time our values have helped bind us together as a family.

Employees with a sound sporting background are chosen every year as the Expo sports committee and they oversee all sport activities.

Expolankians take part in football, cricket, rugby, badminton, swimming and basketball. The players are coached by either professional coaches or by employees who have participated in that sport at the national level. Every team meets regularly for practice and some like the football and the badminton teams meet thrice a week.

Expolanka’s football team has a long list of achievements. The team, coached by Mr. Hassan Roomy, has won the Mercantile Division A knockout tournament, the Mercantile league tournament, the Mercantile 7s plate category as well as the Austasia Futsal tournament. Niran Kanishka was chosen as the sportsman of the year; he was also adjudged the best player in both the Austasia tournament and the Mercantile 7s tournament while Imran Nazeer was selected as the best goalkeeper at the Mercantile 7s tournament.

One of our star footballers, Shasny Mohamed was recently selected for the Manchester United Rising Star competition. Shasny will fly to UK to take part in a special training programme held at the Manchester United football academy.

Our swimming team also deserves special mention. At the 2011 Mercantile Swimming Tournament they managed to secure 10 medals, two of which were gold. This effort was even more special as the team had only 6 members.

Expolanka’s cricket team won 4 of the 5 matches they played at the Action Sports Indoor Cricket Tournament and were awarded the runners up trophy.

Our rugby, badminton and basketball teams are also doing well in the mercantile sports arena. Their hard work is paying off and they are improving on a daily basis. More and more of our employees are taking up sports and we are going from strength to strength.

A key reason for our success is the support we get from the board of directors and the executive council of Expolanka. Their assistance has been vital in realizing our vision of become a competitive corporate in the mercantile sporting arena. Expolanka employees turn up in droves at sporting events and it is heartening to see them supporting our players.

The NBA’s all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, once said,

“One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team”.

The most important aspect of Expo Sports is the concept of team. We do not strive for individual glory. We do not care for personal laurels. The goal and aim of Expo Sports is to create one team, one company and one spirit.

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