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Classic Vacations – A Personalized Travel Experience

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

During the 10 months of its existence, Classic Vacations (a branch of Classic Travel which is part of the Expolanka family) has earned a stellar reputation of providing a seamless travel experience. Classic Vacation’s customers are given the opportunity to explore the vast deserts of Morocco, to be dazzled by the glamour of Istanbul, to gaze at llamas in Peru, to take in the beauty of the Taj Mahal or to go on an adventure in the plains of South Africa. All in all, Classic Vacations offers something to everyone. Its services encompass the whole globe and the company takes pride in the fact that their customers can travel to any place on Earth where an aeroplane can fly.


Classic Vacations is also a trailblazer in the Sri Lankan tourist industry. The company has been among the first in the country to embrace the concept of personalized travel.

Modern tourism is a far cry from the state it was in 10 or 20 years ago. Today’s travelers want to travel the world in just one way, their own way. They want to put together their unique travel experiences, tap into inspiration from other travelers and then share their personal plans with friends.


Globally more and more travel providers are using a personalized approach to satisfy their customers. Before their guests even arrive, the famous St. Regis hotel in New York will fill their closets with a unique collection of clothes custom made for them. Similarly, in a room at the Grand Amore Hotel in Paris, a guest can find a book by their favourite author, a fresh bouquet of flowers they love or a delectable collection of their preferred pastries. According to Skift, the world’s largest travel industry marketing platform, personalization in travel is quickly becoming something customers expect.

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Classic Vacations, is striving to meet this need. The company gathers information provided by their customers and analyzes them with the intention of serving them better. Its Corporate Head, Rajitha Seneviratne explained this in detail,

 “For travel, the key to loyalty is personalization. We use a CRM database to store the data given to us freely by our clients. We use this information to retain and reward our customers. The uniqueness of our company is that we offer a wide range of travel experiences that is unmatched in Sri Lanka: these include luxury cruisers, countrywide expeditions, sightseeing trips, academic conventions, rock concerts etc, and all these experiences are tailor-made. We help out with everything in between taking off and landing in. Classic Vacations cater to both individuals and families alike. Apart from exotic locations such as Kenya and Brazil, customers can also choose more popular destinations like Singapore and Bangkok. Our team has over 50 years of experience and this has helped us to be a professional and a competent travel agency”.

Suresh Mendis, who is the CEO of Classic Travel, also spoke to us about the growth and success of Classic Vacations,

“In days gone by, we specialized in Far Eastern and European tours. However, we always felt that there were opportunities for us to venture into exclusive custom-made outbound tours. Classic Vacations is the solution that we created to fill this need. During the last 10 months we have been blown away by the reception that we have got for this endeavor. Brighter days are still ahead and it is exciting to think about the opportunities that are in store for us in the future.”

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