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Rawmi Mohideen- Our Footballing Star

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.  – Pele

At the age of eighteen, Rawmi Mohideen was introduced to the ‘beautiful game’. His father pushed him to embrace the most popular sport in the world. Ever since that day, he has not looked back. Today, Rawmi is a footballing star and has been a crucial cog of the Sri Lankan national team for the past fourteen years. We are proud that Rawmi is part of the Expolanka family and we are grateful that he chose our company to be his second home.

_MG_0951Rawmi started his footballing career at the Victory Sports Club. The club’s coaches saw his potential and chose to form the team around this dynamic player. From those early days, Rawmi played as an attacking midfielder, a role which has become synonymous with footballing superstars such as Zinedine Zidane and Ricardo Kaka.

After a short stint at the Victory Sports Club, Rawmi Joined the Ratnam Sports Club. From the beginning Ratnam has been making waves in the Sri Lankan football arena and many critics have described it as the best football club in Sri Lanka. The club polished the budding star and within a few years Rawmi’s career skyrocketed.

In 1999 he was included in the under 19 national side and in 2001 he gained entry into the national side. Since then he has been a cornerstone of the Sri Lankan team. More recently, Rawmi was given the opportunity to train with the Liverpool FC in the UK. This proved to be a memorable experience as he was given the privilege to practice with superstars such as Brazilian Philippe Coutinho and Mario Balotelli of Italy.


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“My time at Liverpool was unforgettable”, Rawmi says.” I never thought that I would be given the opportunity to practice alongside a team of such high quality.”

photo 1As the captain, Rawmi’s efforts have been instrumental in helping the Expolanka football team to win the Mercantile Championship for three consecutive years. He also led the team to victory at the five-a-side and seven-a-side tournaments in 2014. On both these occasions he was named the best player as Expolanka swept the podium.

“Our coach, Hassan Roomy, is one of the best coaches in Sri Lanka. It is due to his efforts that we have won all these awards”, Rawmi says. “It is a pleasure to work at Expolanka. The support from the company is monumental. I have been an Expolankian for many years. Within this time the company has nurtured my talents and helped me to soar above the clouds”.

He also commented about the other sports at the company,

“Expolankians take part in football, cricket, rugby, badminton, swimming and basketball. All of these teams are doing well. Our board of directors and the executive council helps us in amazing ways. Whenever we play, our fellow colleagues turn up in large numbers. Their support is very heartening and it motivates us to do our best for the company”.


The mission of Expo Sports is to ‘unite all expolankians through sport and create one team, one company and one spirit’. Over the years, within the ranks of our employees, there have been many individuals who have been blessed with an abundance of sporting talent. Raumi is a prime example. His stellar performances on the football field serves as a pinnacle to which other Expolankians are inspired to reach.

“I would not have been in this place today if not for Expolanka.  Expolanka is a company that recognizes and encourages the talent of its employees. My dream is to continue to play for Expolanka and garland the company with more awards”. Raumi concludes.

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