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Expolanka – Champions at Mercantile Division ‘A’ Football League

 Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships – Michael Jordan. Expolanka’s vision of using sport as a tool to build a sense of community and teamwork within the company has helped them achieve yet another milestone. Expolanka Holdings became Champions at the Mercantile ‘A’ Division Football League 2013 for the third year in [...]

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Redefining the Travel Trade with International Partnerships

In keeping with the ‘Dare to Do’ philosophy that drives Expolanka companies and having understood that the travel trade is part of world that is increasingly driven by technology, Classic Travel has redefined the local travel trade through recent strategic partnerships with global entities. This has allowed Classic Travel to be able to offer new, [...]

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Expolanka’s Sustainability Initiatives lauded at ACCA awards

“Sustainability is when what is good for a company is also good for the planet. It means creating more wealth than we destroy. Sustainable firms are those doing the best job at creating net wealth–economic, social, and ecological–as compared to their peers”.  – Toby Heaps (Corporate Knights) Expolanka Holdings is built on relationships – relationships [...]