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Kanishka Wijesinghe: A leader who challenges challenges

In 1994, Kanishka Wijesinghe joined Expolanka with 11 years of experience in the Airline Industry. Prior to entering the airline industry, he was working in the Media field soon after school as a Freelance Programme Producer. While being employed at this job, in 1983 he came across a job vacancy at reputed Air Cargo company. [...]

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Suresh Mendis: the epitome of a Motivational Leader

Suresh Mendis joined Expolanka’s Classic Travel in 2002, on an invitation from his friend, the Director and Group CEO of Expolanka, Hanif Yusoof. As the Director/CEO of Classic Travel, he was vested with the task of rebuilding a small travel company and over time he has proven his success by making Classic Travel, the most [...]

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Striving for excellence in leadership – Jagath Pathirane

“It was my father who inspired me to strive for excellence in all things. It was his influence, his voice that fueled my unwavering dedication to achieving goals that I set myself,” says Jagath Pathirane – CEO – EFL (Expo Freight). Jagath Pathirane joined Expolanka in 2005 as a Director. Recognizing his skills, foresight and [...]

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Rawmi Mohideen- Our Footballing Star

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.  – Pele At the age of eighteen, Rawmi Mohideen was introduced to the ‘beautiful game’. His father pushed him to embrace the most popular sport in the world. Ever [...]

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A paradigm shift in Supply Chain Management

Expo Freight Limited (EFL), a subsidiary of Expolanka Holdings and leading provider of freight forwarding and supply chain management solutions across the globe, has embarked on a mission to create a fully-fledged supply chain management system for its operations. This new system would pave the way for the company to be more efficient in its [...]

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Sikander Sabeer: continuing Expolanka’s tradition of community service

Expolanka has always been in the forefront of community service and social empowerment. The staff at Expolanka are adamant about giving something back to the society, in order to improve the standards of living and quality of life. One fine example is Sikander Sabeer, who has been a pioneer in social service and volunteer work [...]

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Life at Expolanka : Perspectives from employees

“Since inception, an ambience of tradition and integrity has been the bedrock of all Expolanka business activities. This strong heritage endures today with honesty and reliability strongly embedded into our working culture; our dare-to-do spirit has added dynamism to this ethical base” – Expolanka Management After 25 years of research and surveys of millions of [...]

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Shazny Mohamed: Airtel-Manchester United ‘Rising Star’

Shazny Mohamed fell in love with the ‘beautiful game’ at a tender age. Ever since he can remember he wanted to be a professional footballer. At a time, when kids his age were admiring pop stars and movie actors, Shazny was idolizing football legends such as Pele and Maradona; his free time was spent out [...]

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Mohamed Ziauddin – An unusual businessman

Mohamed Ziauddin, founder and Managing Director of Norfolk Foods, which was recently acquired by Expolanka, belongs to a rare breed in the field of business. His primary motive in choosing his vocation was to serve the society and not to amass wealth for himself. “After my A/L’s in the UK   I wanted to do something [...]