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Expo Rewind: 2015 Year in Review

Expolanka recorded a PBT (Profit before Tax) of Rs 1.6 billion for the 9 months ended on 31st December 2015 recording an increase of 70% in comparison to the corresponding period in the previous financial year. A look at the milestones of each Company will reveal the strides that respective companies have taken during 2015. [...]

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Classic Vacations forging ahead with innovation

  Classic Vacations was established with the intention of providing customers with outbound tours and holidays tailored to suit their various travel needs. Classic Vacations offers its customers an all-inclusive tour package from planning a customized tour, to processing the tickets, and advice regarding methods of obtaining visas. With a higher focus set on providing [...]

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‘Expo Got Talent’: Recognizing Expolanka’s Multi-talented Employees

‘Expo Got Talent’, the first ever talent show organized by Expolanka Holdings for its employees concluded amidst much fanfare on 7th November 2015 with the crowning of Niran Kanishka as the champion closely followed by Kaushalya Vaas and Diana Rajan as the first runner up and the second runner up respectively. Much hard work, music, [...]

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The pivotal role of Fashion Logistics in the glamourous world of fashion

The world of Fashion is inherently dynamic. The high velocity of change in the industry from new collections for each season to the introduction of new material for designs proves that the world of Fashion rarely gets a break from its insatiable stakeholders. This was perfectly described by Raf Simons, former Creative Director at Dior: [...]

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Expolanka CSR celebrates ‘World Sight Day’ by continuing the ‘Eyes of Hope’ Project

Expolanka Holdings facilitated 25 cataract surgeries free of charge as part of the continuation of the ‘Eyes of Hope’ project. This project which is was initiated last year, has supported a total of 50 patients with receiving treatment for their cataract. The surgeries were planned and executed to coincide with ‘World Sight Day’. Apart from [...]

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Social Entrepreneurs: those who ‘dare-to-do’ for their Society

“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” ― Bill Drayton, Founder & CEO of Ashoka With this definition,  Bill Drayton has perfectly captured what a Social Entrepreneur does, which is to disrupt the status quo and [...]

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Suresh Mendis: the epitome of a Motivational Leader

Suresh Mendis joined Expolanka’s Classic Travel in 2002, on an invitation from his friend, the Director and Group CEO of Expolanka, Hanif Yusoof. As the Director/CEO of Classic Travel, he was vested with the task of rebuilding a small travel company and over time he has proven his success by making Classic Travel, the most [...]

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Healthy Living – World Elders’ Day

 “Listen to your elders’ advice. Not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong.” Healthy Living, Expolanka’s CSR initiative, in partnership with Helpage Sri Lanka, provided free healthcare services and treatment for over 300 elderly citizens recently. The Healthy Living project is Expolanka’s way of giving back to the [...]

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EFL HighJump Partnership

Expo Freight (EFL), one of Expolanka’s core businesses is proud to announce that the company has selected HighJump Warehouse Management system (WMS) to support the group’s current and future supply chain management solutions. The vendor HighJump, is a global provider of supply chain management software supporting over 14,000 customers in 77 countries, ranging from small [...]

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Entrepreneurship and the collective good

From Henry Ford to Steve Jobs, entrepreneurship is often associated with daring individuals who redefine and invent businesses through the sheer force of their personalities and intellect. While this can be an accurate portrayal, we should not lose sight of the fact that entrepreneurship has a collective good, which goes beyond benefitting individuals and corporations. [...]