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Expolanka Honoured at LACP Awards 2014

 “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” – Colin Powell. Expolanka Holdings won three awards at the recently concluded Spotlight Awards Global Communications Competition conducted by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) for its [...]

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Expolanka Microsoft Based Leisure Application

As a company that embraces innovation and change, Expolanka Holdings has always been in the forefront of adapting to the latest IT technologies in order to serve customers better. In-line with the ever changing business landscape, our IT division has been developing and designing cutting edge solutions that allow our group companies offer the highest [...]

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Expolanka Toastmasters – Creating a legacy of leadership

Words have incredible power. They can make people’s hearts soar, or they can make people’s hearts sore” – Dr. Mardy Grothe “We learn in moments of enjoyment,” are the words of Dr. Ralph C. Smedley, who founded the first Toastmasters club at the YMCA in Santa Ana, Calif., 90 years ago. Dr. Smedley created the [...]

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Expo Shuttlers Tournament 2014

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. – Bobby Unser A person stepping into the St.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia on the 30th August 2014 would have been greeted by a rapturous noise. He would have heard the victorious chants of triumph and the despairing groans of defeat. The cries of ‘Go Expo Go’ would have [...]

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Trust, Create and Challenge: Expolanka partners with SG Holdings

In June 2014, Expolanka stepped into a new era in its corporate history. The company struck a crucial partnership with SG Holdings after the Japanese conglomerate acquired a majority stake in the Expolanka group. This far reaching and strategic deal would see both parties working towards growing and strengthening Expolanka’s position in the global logistics [...]

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Expolanka Spreads Awareness on Global Warming

“Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before – but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to.” – Joe Lieberman Expolanka has been a pioneer in initiating campaigns aimed at preserving the environment. A few months ago, the company joined the Hiniduma Project to protect the country’s rainforests in the [...]

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Expolanka Toastmasters Receive Golden Gavel Plus Award

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer. Expolanka believes that personal growth is an essential factor in an individual succeeding in his career. Along with the sporting activities, social movements and CSR campaigns that employees participate in, Expolanka also offers opportunities to improve their [...]

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Aligning IT strategy to enhance corporate success

The pace and scale of technological progress is set to play a greater role than ever before in shaping the world we inhabit over the coming years. Technology is cited as one of six key ‘game-changers’ over the next two decades in theinfluential Global Trends report by the US National Intelligence Council. The scale of [...]

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Expolanka – Champions at Mercantile Division ‘A’ Football League

 Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships – Michael Jordan. Expolanka’s vision of using sport as a tool to build a sense of community and teamwork within the company has helped them achieve yet another milestone. Expolanka Holdings became Champions at the Mercantile ‘A’ Division Football League 2013 for the third year in [...]

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Expolanka’s Sustainability Initiatives lauded at ACCA awards

“Sustainability is when what is good for a company is also good for the planet. It means creating more wealth than we destroy. Sustainable firms are those doing the best job at creating net wealth–economic, social, and ecological–as compared to their peers”.  – Toby Heaps (Corporate Knights) Expolanka Holdings is built on relationships – relationships [...]